It is always my pleasure to receive visitors to visit my company profile. Apart from providing background information and statistics on our organization, our capabilities and the services that we provide, the profile will give visitors an insight into how we have evolved over the years into what we are today.

We certainly have come a long way from being a small producer of mosaic tiles in the 90s to currently the largest producer of mosaic tiles and pavers in the country. The long journey has not been without its toil and pain. But we at Punjab tiles regard every obstacle in the path as a challenge to our own capabilities and an experience in a perpetual learning process. Our achievements have been based on the time tested principles of loyalty, dedication and discipline within our ranks and the effective utilization of experience gained and resources developed within our inventory. These are all harnessed by the project management incorporating planning, monitoring and estimating tools that we have developed on our own in-house!

This coming decade is truly going to be an exciting one for us. We have long aspired to be a largest well know tiles producer, and we are now well-placed to achieve that target within the next few years. In this modern world of shortening boundaries and rapid dissemination of information we can proudly claim that we are already well on our way towards globalization being active in several countries and with a number of multinational personnel. Other than moving into new territories we shall also prepare ourselves for entry into new sectors such as buildings and mosaic insulator, etc. in order to build up our clientele base. We will not however, abandon our traditional areas of business but rather enhance our capabilities in the manufacturing and plant construction & services sectors.

Despite standing the above, our steadfast commitment towards the timely delivery of quality projects to our clients from healthy and safe working environments remains resolute.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope it has been useful and we look forward to serving you in the future.